"Weird at last, weird at last. God almighty, weird at last."

So I’ve kind of become a Welcome to Night Vale fan. Who could not love Cecil’s dreamy voice, the enchanting yet terrifying stories, the mysteries and unknowable things? One quote in particular struck me as endearing -

I’m a graphic designer by trade, but I can only play with so much typography before getting sick of designing posters and other paper crap - which I’ve been insanely addicted to, with so much rich imagery and quotes from Night Vale to play with. So I said to heck with it, let’s play with dad’s power tools and wood. I’m not very skilled with these things at all (though I’m definitely my father’s daughter, love getting into tools making stuff) but I was able to pull it off almost entirely alone - I only really needed help getting a ride to go buy the supplies, and a quick tutorial on the jigsaw!

The first step was just finding a nice font and printing out a big black and white version of the sign - just under 2x2’. I cut it out to the black border. Next, I went and got a thin sheet of plywood, a few parts for the jigsaw and coping saw, and the stain I wanted.

I cut it out (a feat that still has my arms sore) in a frenzy, and then used the electric sander to smooth out the surfaces. A file helped with the snug corners and to bevel the edges out.

Two coats of a cherry stain got it to a shade that I was happy with. I really wanted purple, but it was not meant to be, this time.. Traced the white letters onto the board by using rubbed lead on the back of the paper and pressure on the front to get the lines on, and then painted them in with off-white acrylic paint. Once it was all good, I gave it a few coats of sealant, and now it’s done - all it needs is some hanging materials, which I’ll probably sort out once I’m in my new place on September 1.

I really love WtNV, and I hope maybe this inspires others to do similar work. I just want to reiterate that as per the creators’ request, I am not able to sell work based off of Welcome to Night Vale. If there’s a lot of request I’ll happily spit up the PDF I printed my file from, and you can have a shot at this yourself. It’s a nice weekend project, it doesn’t cost much (if you have a coping saw and an electric sander, you’re only looking at another $15 or so for wood, stain, and paint), and it’s really easy to customize. If you want another phrase, I might also be able to spit something out for that, too!

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